Santa Eugènia

Diuen que en anar a vermar
se’n duen ses portadores.
Al·lotes anit se fa
es ball de ses vermadores.

Documents from the 13th century tell us that the Puig (hill) of Son Seguí was called Podium Vinearum, or the “hill of the vines”. The grape continued to dominate the countryside during the following centuries, reaching its zenith during the 18th and 19th centuries. Grape harvest time was a festival, as the grape pickers sang, danced and played their castanets from the early hours of the morning.
Santa Eugènia is a peaceful town with panoramic views that, despite the steep slopes, invite you to go for a stroll. Paths lead from the centre of the town to various hamlets such as Ses Coves, Ses Alqueries and Ses Olleries. In the town you will find bars and restaurants in which to restore your strength.

Santa Eugènia
Places of Interest
Places of Interest

Es Puget
Of particular interest are the windmills converted into houses, some of them still with their machinery.

Parish Church
The cupola is of particular interest, with its pendentives depicting different parts of the municipality.

Aljub de sa Cova
At the entrance to Ses Olleries. Palma–Sineu road (MA–3011).

Ses Olleries
A small hamlet

Ses Alqueries
Architecture from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Original Islamic base.

Ses Coves
Architecture from the 16th to the 19th centuries.
A large number of hollows, some prehistoric artificial caves, including those of Cas Gorrió, Can Romi, etc.

Natura Parc Santa Eugènia
Animal rescue centre and exhibition of native animals.
Ctra. de Sineu, Km 15.400
Tel. 971 14 40 78


One of the most highly appreciated specialities of Mallorcan cuisine is roast suckling pig. You can try it in almost all the local restaurants. It is prepared as follows: The pork is cut into fairly small pieces and marinated overnight with salt, pieces of lemon, garlic, laurel leaves, fennel stalks and other herbs. Before roasting, the meat is brushed with good-quality pepper and a bunch of parsley; then a mixture of garlic, parsley and tender fennel ground in a mortar with olive oil is spread over it. Then it is placed to cook in the oven. It is served with potatoes, pomegranate sauce or endive salad.


Of particular interest is the Cova de Son Vidal (Ses Coves), a natural cave in which you can see a press with two spigots and a vat, the remains of an old wine cellar. On the way to Ses Olleries, you’ll come to the Cova de Lourdes, a natural cave that belongs to the church, where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity and some excellent panoramic views. The Talayot culture is represented by the archaeological site of Es Rafal, where there is a large circular talayot. Moving on to Son Seguí you’ll find what the locals call “the plane” or “the submarine” – the remains of a fast vessel that for very curious reasons ended up there.


We begin our outing in Santa Eugènia’s town square (known as the Plaça de Bernat de Santa Eugènia); we take the path of Es Puig in the direction of the monument to the Sacred Heart, at the top of the hill. There we can rest and contemplate the plain, the foothills and the mountains of Mallorca. We retrace our steps as far as the coomb of Es Rafal and descend to the hamlet of Ses Coves. Don’t miss the Son Vidal cave, which has the remains of an old wine cellar.

Markets, Fairs and Festivals
Markets, Fairs and Festivals

The weekly market is on Saturday mornings.
The Fair is held on the third Sunday after Easter.
On St Anthony’s Day (17 January) you can see the traditional blessing of the animals, carriage processions and bonfires. The most popular festivals with the townspeople are those of the patron saints, celebrated at the beginning of August. They include concerts and cultural activities.

  • SEntrada
    C/ Balanguera, 30
    Tel. 971 144116
  • Ca na Cantona
    C/ Balanguera, 33
    Tel. 971 144031
  • Sa Torre
    Carretera Santa María-Sencelles, km 7,5
    Tel. 971 144011
  • S Escargot
    C/ Major, 48
    Tel. 971 144447
  • Can Topa
    Major 50
  • Can Prim
    Església, 2
  • S Estacio
    S\'Estació, 41
  • Santi Pons
    Ctra. Palma-Sineu, Km 15,5
    971 14 41 58
Rural hotels
Rural hotels
  • Sa Torre
    Predi Sa Torre
    Tel. 971 144011
Map Santa Eugènia

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