Wine and grapes


Red varieties:

Manto negro (main variety), Callet, Gorgollassa, Tempranillo, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

The variety known as "manto negro" is the base for the region\\\'s red wines, and is involved in the production of at least 30% of them.

A strain with an upright habit, with medium-sized light green leaves and a largish seed and rich in sugars and aromas, it provides wines with excellent qualities and a great deal of character, with a medium-high robe. They are warm and velvety in the mouth, with a good and very pleasant after-taste. Its alcohol content is medium-high.

White varieties:

Moll or Prensal Blanc (main variety), Giró ros, Macabeo, Parellada, Chardonnay and Moscatel.

The main white variety is the native "moll" or "prensal blanc" grape, which is the base for white and sparkling wines, and they must have a minimum content of 50% of this grape. It produces wines with a marked fruity character, a pale yellow colour, with a very good structure, which are intense with very pleasant sensations. The "moscatel" variety is the base for "muscat" type wines, which can be sweet or dry. They are also very interesting and pleasant flowery wines.


Extension of Grape Vine varieties registered in the Regulatory Council Registry of Grape Vines.

Red varieties Hectares % O.R.
Red Total 467,56
Manto Negro 175,24 37,48
Callet 20,94 4,48
Tempranillo 23,50 5,03
Monastrell 7.36 1.57
Cabemet Sauvignon 122,19 26,13
Syrah 56,94 12,18
Merlot 54,09 11.57
Other red varieties 4,00 1,28
Gorgollassa 1,33 0,28
White varieties Hectares % O.W.
White Total 144,61
Moll o Prensal Blanc 80,86 55,92
Macabeo 2.16 1,49
Parellada 0,77 0,53
Chardonnay 41,02 28,37
Moscatel 11,60 8,02
Other White varieties 2,36 1,63
Giro ros 5,84 4,04

Total vineyards: 612,17

Types of wine

All the certified wines are made from grapes grown in the DO Binissalem wine-growing region of Majorca meet the requirements of the Denomination of Origin regulation.
The DO Binissalem region in Majorca offers an increasingly wide range of high quality wines:

  1. The red wines can be young, "crianza", "reserva" or "gran reserva", according to the ageing period.

    They must contain at least 30% of the Manto Negro variety and a maximum of 30% of Gorgollassa variety.
    They can be sold as young wines or remain in oak casks for a variable period of time, leading to wines of various categories.
    Young Wines (whites, rosés, reds and sparkling) and those with an ageing period that does not meet the minimum required for the other categories.

  2. The white wines are produced from a minimum of 50% of the native Moll or Prensal Blanc variety, or from 50% of Moscatel.
    They may be sweet or dry. Some batches are sold after a short stay or fermentation period in oak casks.
  3. Rosé wines can be made from any variety authorised by the Regulations with a maximum of 30% of Gorgollassa variety. They are sweet and fruity wines. 
  4. The sparkling whites are produced from a minimum of 50% of the native Moll or Prensal Blanc variety. The sparkling rosés can be made for any authorised variety with a maximum of 30% of Gorgollassa variety.

The ageing periods for red wines are:

  • CRIANZA: minimum ageing period of 24 months, of which at least six must have been in oak wood casks.

  • RESERVA: A minimum ageing period of 36 months, of at least twelve must have been in oak wood casks, and the remainder in a bottle.

  • GRAN RESERVA: A minimum ageing period of 60 months, of at least eighteen must have been in oak wood casks, and the remainder in a bottle.
    All the wines within the Binissalem Majorca Denomination of Origin have distinguishing characteristics, thanks to the outstanding contribution of the region's varieties, which combined with non-native varieties has long made the area's wines well-known.

    The wide range and variety of the region's wines form a perfect combination with the equally wide range of dishes of the island's rich and varied cuisine.

    Gran Reserva

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